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Candy Tradition

Every year my wife’s family had a tradition at Christmas of making candy and over the last few years it has been passed onto my daughter Michelle. She will gather up friends and family, with food and drink as they embark on the productive activity of make candy to share with all who attend. Even though she is about to make this happen in the next few weeks I decided to make some today. I discovered something that would almost bring a tear to your eye. My wife who is the keeper of the recipe for the candy pulled out a recipe box. Thats right a recipe box. In the age of the internet, here is a box full of hand written recipes from her great grandma, her mother, her aunts, and even friends in the neighborhood. It was made in their handwriting and even had special notes to the person it was disigned to go to. When you stopped to think about it, schools today are avoiding teaching children how to write because of the advancement of the internet and computers. We are about to lose one of the most important personal treasures…. the hand written word. Reading and displaying each recipe my wife beamed with the remembrance of each relative who gave her the recipe. They were like love letters from the heart given to her in hope they would help feed her family. I realized that before the internet the only way to find a recipe was to go to your recipe box or cookbook. Anyways here is the recipe…. Don’t tell my wife I let this out……..


Hard Christmas Candy

1 1/2 cups of sugar plus 6 tablespoons
3/4 cup corn syrup
1/2 cup water
1 teaspoon of candy flavoring
Powdered Sugar
Food coloring

Place a cloth sheet onto a large table and cover with a generous amount of powered sugar.

You will need a candy thermometer and a thick medium pot
Mix sugar, water and corn syrup in the pot and whisk well. On a high to medium heat bring the solution to 310 degrees. Remove the pot and add in the flavor of your choice and the food color to match. Mix well and pour a stream of the solution onto a cloth sheet covered with powered sugar. Allow the candy to cool completely before snapping into bit size pieces and place into a large bowl. Repeat the process until you have a good selection of color and flavors.

Chef Brian Klauss





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